Mount Hood

PNC History

When Bill W. suggested establishment of a “World Wide governing body or advisory body for A.A.”, he set in motion events that ultimately brought about establishment of not only the Washington State Assembly of A.A., but also the Pacific Northwest Conference of A.A. The first conference session was held at Vancouver, B.C., on May 29-30, 1948.

The Washington Cities and members present at this initial meeting were:

  • Anacortes
    • Fritz M.
  • Everett
    • John C.
  • Seattle
    • Dale A.
    • Glenn F.
    • Archie Mc.
    • Stuart R.
    • Fred S.
    • W.J. “Bill” W.
  • Tacoma
    • Carl A.
    • Jack D.
    • Don D.
    • Art H.
    • Edward H.
    • Charlotte H.
    • Peggy J.
    • May Mc.
    • Walter P.

As a result of this meeting, friendships were cemented with a number of the Canadian members that resulted in much A.A. visiting back and forth over the border. The Canadian visitors and A.A. workers included:

  • Vancouver, B.C.
    • Charlie B.
    • Granger & Mary C.
    • Everett G.
    • Dick G.
    • Roy S.
    • Jack F.
  • New Westminster, B.C.
    • Walter B.
    • William S.
  • Victoria, B.C.
    • John T.G.